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Fishing Adventures for Everyone! 

Labf AnglerS

Want to make a difference by sharing your Fishing Adventures?


Be an LABF Angler for short term trips or a Mentor to build long term life changing relationships with LABF Participants! 

LABF Angler

Take out LABF participants for short term Fishing Adventures! These can be pond fishing at a local park, out on your kayaks or in your boat out on the Bay and it's tributaries! 

LABF Mentor

This is a higher level of commitment as we pair our Mentors with LABF Mentees for long term, one-on-one mentoring, engagement and relationship building activities. 

LABF Guide Insurance

Don't have Guide or Charter insurance? LABF has secured insurance that will cover our Anglers as they provide services to LABF Participants. This is provided by LABF and there is NO COST to LABF Anglers!



Please complete form for more details and to be considered for our programs! 

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