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Fishing Adventures for Everyone! 

About LABF

Our mission is to connect qualified individuals and families with a Fishing Adventure Anglers that will build relationships through local fishing excursions with a goal of sharing life changing and healing experiences. LABF is excited to share these No Cost Fishing Adventures with...

  • Intellectually Challenged

  • Physically Challenged

  • Emotionally Challenged

  • Life Challenged

  • Financially Challenged

  • First Responders

  • Wounded Warriors & Veterans


These trips can be to the local pond for bank fishing, on a Charter boat out in the Bay catching a number of different species (Rockfish is one of our favs) and if our participant is able, we can take them out Kayak Fishing! While on these Adventures, our LABF Anglers will be sharing the beauty of nature while teaching about different fish species, fish conservation and the basics of fishing. The best part is the time and care shared as the Fishing Adventure becomes so much more than just fishing! 


All LABF Anglers are fully insured and very experienced Guides, Charter Captains and Professional Anglers that will take all the proper safety precautions! They will also provide Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) while participating, so our participants are always safe on and around the water.  Now everyone can have an opportunity to be Lucky and Blessed by Fishing Adventures with LABF Anglers! 

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